Friday, December 28, 2012

Groupon: 1 Year Online Guitar Lessons only $18

Have you always wanted to play guitar, but just haven't found the right teacher? Lessons too expensive or they don't fit your busy schedule? Groupon is offering a fantabuLESS deal for online guitar lessons. For $18 you can get a one year membership to Dangerous Guitar and access to over 650 online guitar lessons and tutorials! So get on over to Groupon today while this HOT deal lasts!

Friday, December 21, 2012

$5.00 Schick Xtreme Razor Coupon

$5.00 off 2 Schick Xtreme3 Disposable Razor Packs

 HURRY and print this high value Shick Razor coupon!

York Photo: Custom Fleece Blanket only $20

York Photo

York is has custom fleece blankets for only $20! Upload your favorite photos, the possibilities are endless. I'm making one for the grandparents to take to the football game! Get on over to York Photo while this deal lasts!

Arthur Christmas on DVD & Digital Copy only $9

Groupon is offering Arthur Christmas on DVD with an UltraViolet Digital copy included for only $9. Shipping is only $2. Get yours over here while supplies last!

Save $1.00 on Jergen's Coupon

$1.00 off 1 Jergens Daily Moisture OR Fragrance
With the cold winter weather upon us I can't have enough lotions and moisturizers on hand for my family. Print out this high value coupon and hold on to it for an upcoming sale.

Buy One Get One Free Burger King Whopper Coupon

Free WHOPPER Sandwich purchase of WHOPPER Sandwich
 Get a jump on savings during the New Year with this fantabuLESS coupon for a B1G1 FREE Whopper at Burger King. Mine printed out a expiration date of 3/3/13! So get on over here and grab yours now!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8Moms: Custom Acryclic Photo Block only $34

How many photo books can one have? 8Moms is offering an Acrylic Photo Block for only $34! These make wonderful decorations and accent pieces. Give Grandma a gift that will turn heads and spark conversation this year. Head on over to 8Moms today and create yours!

10% off Big 5 Coupon

Here's a great coupon if you have some last minute shopping to do! Big 5 has a wide variety of sporting goods, and the prices are right on point with my budget!

Groupon: Elvis Presley Prince From Another Planet Gift Set $24

Calling all Elvis fans! Groupon is offering the Prince From Another Planet Gift set for only $24 including FREE SHIPPING! Get on over to Groupon and grab yours whiles supplies last!

$1.00 off Ocean Spray Cranberries Coupon

I LOVE decorating for the holidays with cranberries! Sure I use them in my muffins and holiday punch, but they look so festive in jars with flowers or frozen in ice as well.  Be sure to print this coupon and use it on fresh cranberries this holiday season!

$1.00 off 1 12-ounce bag Ocean Spray Cranberries

Ibotta Released for Android & New Retailers Added!

Ibotta just added 8 more retailers, AND is now available for use on Android phones!  You can read about the Ibotta program in my previous post over here.  To make this a fantabuLESS deal, Ibotta is giving new members a $5 credit when you redeem your first offer.  If you looking for a way to justify the enormous cost of that iPhone bill, this app alone can pay your monthly bill! So get on over to Ibotta today and get to saving!

New Dove, Caress and Dial Coupons

Here are some new coupons from Dove and Dial. I have seen the Dove Gift sets on sale at Target and Walmart for under $10 so this will make for a great deal. Print both of these out and get ready to use them over the next few weeks!

$3.00 off any Dove and Caress Gift Pack $1.50 off any ONE (1) Dial Lotion product

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Credit Sesame: FREE Credit Monitoring and Credit Score

Start the New Year out right with your credit report and score! Credit Sesame offers FREE credit monitoring and FREE score, no strings attached.  Know what your credit score is and what your report says, today.

FREE Amora Coffee- Shipping $2.95

Amora Coffee Calling all coffee lovers! Amora want you to try their premium coffee for FREE! You heard me, FREE! Just pay $2.95 shipping and they will send you and 8oz bag of beans or grinds.

$1.00 Cepacol Coupon

Cepacol With cold and flu season upon us, this is a great coupon to have on hand for a sale on Cepacol!

Mamasource: Zooboks, Zootles or Zoobies Subscription only $15

Mamasource has a fantabuLESS deal on Zoobooks, Zootles or Zoobies magazine! For only $15 you can snag a 1 year subscription to either publication.  This is a gift that will foster learning and be around long after Christmas. So get on over to Mamasource today and grab yours.

Groupon: Disney Princess Wooden Doll Set only $10

Groupon is offering these cute little Disney wooden doll sets for only $10! Shipping is $2 and returns are free, so get on over here while supplies last.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moolala: Voice Activated Key Finder only $10 FREE SHIPPING

This is at the top of my Christmas list! If Santa doesn't bring it, I'll have to get if for myself! Moolala is offering a 2 voice activated key finders for only $10 including FREE SHIPPING!!! I can't tell you how many times I misplace my keys on a weekly basis. I'm starting the new year off right with my Key Finder. So get on over to Moolala right now while supplies last!

Groupon: Custom iPad & iPhone Cases Low as $20

Groupon is offering a fantabuLESS deal on Custom iPad and iPhone cases today.  Starting at $20 you can create a one of  a kind design that will treasured for years to come. So head on over to Groupon today while supplies last!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My ALMOST FREE Target Trip 12/15/12 only $.99

I was able to dash into Target tonight to grab a few thing. I could not bear the thought of my $10 Target giftcard coupon expiring without me using it, so this is what I got:

5 Glade Products = $12.50 (get $5 gift card)
2 Right Guard Products= $6.68
3 Mio = $11.52 (get $5 gift card)
5 Reach Floss= $4.95
1 Gillette Fusion= $9.74
1 Gillette Disposable= $5.64
Total BEFORE Coupons= $51.04

Coupons Used-
$10 Target Gift Card Coupon
$3.00 Right Guard MQ+$1.50 Target
3- $1.50 Mio (10/28 SS) + $1.00 Target
$10- Gillette Fusion (10/2 RP)
$2.00 Gillette Disposable
5- $1.00 Reach MQ Product 
2- $1.50/2 Glade MQ (10/2 SS) + $1.00 Target
$.05 Bag Credit
Total Coupons Used: $30.05

Paid- $20.99 (used giftcards)
Got back $10GC & 2- $5GC
Final- $.99

Friday, December 14, 2012

Addressing the Tragedy in Connecticut

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post regarding the shooting that happened in Connecticut today. It feels like I have been walking in a fog since I heard about it early this morning.  Tears flowed as I listened in awe to the news reports that continued to bombard the airwaves. 

Tears flooded my eyes as I fell to my knees and cried out to God.  My heart was broken and my spirit was grieving.  As I asked God to wrap his loving arms around the bereaved families,  I began to thank Him for my own children.  Even when my children act out or get on my nerves, they are still a blessing from the Lord. I wanted to hold my kids at that very  moment, but they were still in school.  As I continued to cry out to the Lord, I found myself praying for the family of the shooter.  I know this may not be a popular point of view, but the gunman does have a family. He may have killed his mother, but his father and estranged brother are still alive and well.  All too many times we focus on the victims right before our eyes and forget about the ones in the background.  By no means am I saying that this young man should be honored for the horrific acts that he carried out today.  However it saddens me that he had the state of mind to do something such as this. He must have truly been hurting to the core of his very being and this is how it end. All I'm saying is that my heart hurts for ALL OF THE VICTIMs, him as well.

My heart aches for the little lives that ended so quickly. There will be no more pony rides, no more birthday parties, no more play dates and sleepovers, no more little league or karate classes for the bereaved families.  The Toothfairy and the Easter Bunny won't be stopping by, and Santa will most likely pass over as well.  No more trips to dentist or check ups at the doctor's office, no learning how to ride a two wheeler or how skateboard.  There will be no more field trips, school dances or graduations for the lost souls.  No cheerleading tryouts or leads in school play or post game victory parties sponsored by the Boosters.  Daddy's Little Girl will never have her first kiss, or marry the man of her dreams. Mama's boy will not be raiding the frig after school with his hungry football player friends. There will be no prom or Homecoming dances, no Senior Portraits or Senior pranks.  Those college acceptance letters won't be coming in the mail, and there will be no dorm furniture to buy for Freshman year.  The bereaved families have been robbed of all these experiences and there is not a monetary value that can place on them. 

I employ you to live each day to the fullest and cherish the ones you love.  Tomorrow is not promised, and IF you do live to see it that should be considered a blessing. As my husband reminds me that EVERYDAY including your bad days are truly blessings from God as well. 

Lazoo Toddler Clothing Giveaway

 Calling all moms of toddlers! Here's your chance to add to your child's wardrobe without even opening your wallet!

Lazoo is a quality-conscious lifestyle children’s brand and media property emphasizing award-winning design, creativity, and play. Inspired by an internationally best-selling series of Japanese children’s books, Lazoo products all embody the same core mission: to foster a child’s creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination.

When we enter the world of Lazoo, we enter the realm of a child's imagination, a place of endless possibility where cars race across tree branches, mermaids teach dinosaurs to sing, and ghosts host fashion shows. In this world, kids are encouraged to think independently; "coloring outside the lines" is celebrated and all types of creative self–expression are honoured.

As mentioned priorely, Lazoo is not only about clothes and toys, but extremely interactive and colourful apps as well. Squiggles and Let's Color are two apps where the little ones are invited to draw with the use of their finger on very magical and fun drawing pages. With the hit of the go! button, they can then watch their masterpiece come to life on the screen! "Squiggles!" is based on Lazoo’s “Hands On! Mind On!” curriculum, developed in conjunction with top educational experts. Lazoo apps are designed to:
  • Build divergent thinking skills. 
  • Foster problem solving skills including implementing, evaluating, communicating, and revising creative ideas. 
  • Assist a child in becoming comfortable with uncertainty. 
  • Encourage a resilient approach to play and creative problem solving so that a child learns persistence. 
  • Support the kind of appropriate risk-taking in play and thinking that inspires creativity. 
  • Encourage an interest in, and openness to, emotion in both play and thinking. 

Besides the fact that they are entertaining, they are also very educative. Briefly, the apps offer the child 14 unique "living" drawing pages where the drawing palette includes stickering, chalk, mystery tool, ketchup tool and more! The apps include a gallery where the masterpieces can be saved preciously, or the option of sharing to friends and family by email, Facebook, Twitter, Lazoo community, or simply printing. Squiggles includes an amazing interactive storybook and animated short featuring Lazoo's adorable characters, Bobu and Miku, who model creative thinking and encourage children to use their imaginations and color outside the lines.

The Lazoo apps review by S.O.S. Mom: "Squiggles and Let's Color must be two of the coolest apps I have come across since I have been a connected mom. As a mother who knows her son, I can tell when he is really passionate about something. The Lazoo apps are definitely on that list! The apps' interactiveness is incredible and the colours highly inviting. The apps are built and designed with a high level of ingenuity and thoughtfulness and are an amazing tool to build and explore the true potential of a child's confidence and creativeness. Allowing children to use their finger as a tool to create whatever their imagination throws their way is fabulous. My son loves to switch between the different colouring pages and doodle away and then see it come to life as he presses the go! button. As he chooses a drawing page, the app invites him to a specific task, for example to draw some spaghetti on a plate or smoke coming out of rockets. Okay so, my son doesn't really draw spaghetti on a plate or smoke coming out of rockets... he's only 21 months-old! But he has all the fun in the world seeing colours appear as his finger runs across the screen. He has a real blast seeing little images appear as he taps the screen using the stickering tool! This app really captivates him and helps him to practice and develop his dexterity, creativeness and imagination. But I think that is really, what is the most important, that he gets to grow those skills and learn while having fun. As a parent, I just want to ensure that my son grows from interacting with an app. Lazoo Squiggles and Let's Color gets my two thumbs up and a well deserved 10/10."

You can connect with Lazoo via their website, Facebook page, Twitter profile or Pinterest profile

And of course, there is a giveaway involved! Thanks to Lazoo, S.O.S. Mom and Real Momma, two winners will each win their choice of Lazoo clothing between the following. The event will take place until December 31st and is open to all US residents. Each item retails for $25. To enter for your chance to win, simply fill out the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saveology: iPhone Earbuds only $9.99 FREE SHIPPING

Saveology has a fantabuLESS deal on iPhone earbuds with microphone.  They are offering them to you for only $9.99 which includes FREE SHIPPING, so get on over to Saveology today while supplies last!

Personalized Custom Brass Bangles Only $38

8moms is offering a fantabuLESS deal on custom brass bracelets that you can personalize with an inscription of your choice. Choose your anniversary date, a special word, name or place that you cherish. These bangles are available in mens and womens sizes so get on over to 8moms and grab yours today while supplies last.

Groupon: Power Gadget Charging Bag only $45!

This bag is a must have for all the tech fanatics out there that cannot leave home without all of their tablets, MP3 players and computers in tow! Not only does the durable backpack carry your electronics safely, but it charges them as well! Head on over to Groupon today and snag yours whiles supplies last.

New Reynold's Wrap and Slow Cooker Liner Coupons

Here are a couple of high value Reynold's coupons that you should print out now. The holiday season always brings sales on baking items. $1.00 off any Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper $1.00 off ONE (1) Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

New Reach Coupons PRINT NOW!

Here are some great high value coupons from Reach that you should print out right now and hold on to them for a sale!

$1.00 off REACH Floss or REACH ACCESS Flosser $1.00 off any REACH Floss Product $1.00 off any REACH ACCESS Flosser Product

Save on Home Alone, Let It Shine, Miracle on 34th Street & Alving And The Chipmunks

Here are some great coupons to print out for holidays.  Lots of the titles below are on sale at Target and Walmart during the holiday. Now is the time to add these to your video library!

$3.00 off Home Alone on Blu-ray $3.00 off Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $6.00 off LET IT SHINE: DVD and Soundtrack $3.00 off Miracle on 34th Street on Blu-ray