Monday, August 27, 2012

My Dollar Tree Trip 8/27

Well I finally made my way over to Dollar Tree today to see what I could snag with my coupons. Since I live in a small town the selection was small as well, but I was able to grab all of this for $3. The shelves were fully stocked and they had lots of name brand items such as Libby's, Green Giant, Comet, Ajax, Spic N Span, TGIFriday's, Tony's Pizza, Sargento's, Gatorade, Banquet, and many more. I was the first customer to redeem coupons at the store, so they were prepared and the redemption didn't take long at all. However, be aware that the coupons do have to be manually entered, so it could take a minute or two depending on how many coupons that you have. When I say "manually", they don't enter the barcode, they push a coupon button on the register then enter the coupon amount.  The staff was very pleasant and excited about the use of coupons at the store. I can't wait to pick my son up from football practice so I can get more Shredded Wheat since I used IPs on them I could only get 2 for free.

2- $1.00 Shredded Wheat IPs
2- $1/2 Luigi's Real Italian Ice
2- $1/2 Minute Maid Frozen Products

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