Thursday, November 15, 2012

Endorse App Helps You Save Big!

I have been using the Endorse app on my iPhone for the past few weeks and I have been LOVIN' it!  Each week Endorse sends me offers where I can get cashback for buying the things that I already buy. What makes this app so great is the offers can be used at any store! I have earned between 10% and 100% on some of my purchases and you can too.  I just make my purchase, scan the receipt and Endorse does the rest.  Some of my purchases include: peanut butter, gasoline, Sobe Waters, pizza, and even my Thanksgiving turkey! This app is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones, so if you have been debating on purchasing one of these phones this savings earned from this app can help to reduce the costs of your phone bill.  Once your cashback reaches $25, Endorse will send you a check for $25. So far I have accumulated $18.25 in my account from 2 weeks worth of use. I'll let you know when I request my check and how long it takes to come.

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