Monday, October 15, 2012

My CVS Run 10/15/12

I stopped by CVS to pick up a few of the Digorno Pizzas that were on sale for $6.99 B1G1 free, and the magic red coupon machine gave me a $10/$50 purchase coupon. Of course I took this opportunity to dash to my car and drum up a plan to maximize this coupon and here's what I got:

6- Digorno $6.99 B1G1 Free
2- Nexxus Shampoos $10.49 each
1- Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $4.99
6- Trident Vitality Gums- $1.29 B1G1 Free
1- CVS Candy (not pictured since my son ate it before the photo) $.88
Total: $51.69

Coupons Used:
$10/$50 CVS CRT
2- $3/1 Nexxus IPs (NLA)
2- B1G1 Free Digorno IP (NLA) $6.01 Max
$2.00 CVS Toothpaste CRT
$.75 Colgate (SS 10/14)
3- B1G1 Free Trident IPs (NLA) $1.04 Max
Total Discounts: $33.77
Paid : $18 in ECBs
Got back: $1 ECB(greentag), $10 ECB Nexxus, $2 ECB Colgate, and $5 Savingstar Credit
Final: $0.00  All of this was FREE!!!!

*my actual total was $-.20 so I sacraficed $.20 in ECBs when I paid with them, but I'm still happy and I'm feeling fantabuLESS!


  1. I'll never get how you figure this all out! That's amazing!

    ~ Sterling Rose

    1. Sterling- After a while it becomes second nature. Usually when hot printable coupons come out I print them right away and wait for the sale. I try to share as many deals with my readers so we can all reap the benefits!

  2. I would love to do this deal but I don't understand your lingo... what is (NLA)?

  3. NLA means no longer available. Usually this applies to printable coupons that were printed a while back.

  4. Wow. I would have loved to have gotten those bogo pizza coupons :-) But I can't fit anything else in my freezer. lol! FYI, Target still has the manufacture's 3/1 Nexus on their website under coupons.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the Nexxus coupon. What a blessing to have a freezer full of goodies bought for pennies on the dollar!